Monday, June 1, 2015


La alumna Angélica González Ramírez del grupo 5B de Primaria ha resultado GANADORA del concurso I CERTAMEN DE NARRATIVA Y DIBUJO DEL PARQUE NACIONAL DE LA SIERRA DE GUADARRAMA convocado por el Centro de Visitantes “Valle de la Fuenfría”, premiada por presentar una narración sobre el AGUA en el Parque Nacional de la Sierra de Guadarrama. 

Este es el texto:

If you don ́t know what water is I will tell you now. Water is liquid that doesn’t have color, smell or taste. Water makes lakes, river, etc.
The last month I went to Peñalara where there are rivers and a lake.
In summer the lake is very small but in spring it is huge because of the rain.

There were animals in the lake, but the forest keeper told us that we could not touch the animals. They were so beautiful that I can ́t describe it.
There were also lots of trees surrounding it.
The river had a path from the entrance to the lake. At first I thought that it was a little lake for insects but then my teacher told me that it is a river. At the lake there was a fence so people could not pass, but animals could. At the place that animals could pass the fence was short, but the other site was tall. There was a refuge shelter for avalanches above the lake. When you go in the shelter, there was an open door and a closed door. Inside the open door there was a bed made of rocks. It was huge!
They are different from the National Parks in New York. Those National Parks are huge and they have got more places and animals, like deer and fish, and a huge mountain. We climbed a small mountain that was next to the entrance. It was difficult to climb because there were some parts that were difficult to hold and put your feet. When we finished climbing we got a snack. Then we went home to sleep because it was night.
I hope you liked it. 

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